After World War 1 ended in 1918 the negros had began to migrate to the north for better jobs.  Most of them migrated to New York, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

The desire for better jobs and the escape from oppression was the major factors for the migration. In a few years negroes wanted more and with the growing civil rights movement they were seeking equal pleasurable rights.

New York had Harlem, Michigan had Paradise Valley and Idlewild. Other entertainment and beaches were owned by negroes in southern states as well

In 1958 Springville Lake Estates was considered to be the finest “Negro” private lake resort in North Alabama. The estate was divided into approximately 400 lots with the exception of those lots divided for common areas such as the beachheads, church ground,
playground, etc.

The original owners built many beautiful summer homes. Among the owners were some of Alabama’s top water sports enthusiasts, teachers, ministers, lawyers, steel and foundry workers.

The pride of the estate was the twenty-acre lake fed by several under-ground springs. The lake was bordered with lots on each side, two beachheads, a clubhouse and a playground for children.  Big Bass fishing was a drawing card for those who took fishing seriously.  The average bass caught in Springville weighed in at about 7.5 lbs.

In those days you had to take Hwy 11 from Birmingham thru Roebuck to get to Springville.  Now our location is accessible from both major interstates in Alabama (I20E & I59N).