near  Birmingham, Alabama

This Negro private lake  resort  is  the  finest  in north Alabama. Many beautiful summer homes have been built around the lake.  Among  the owners are some of Alabama’s top water-sports enthusiasts. Just a short drive from downtown Birmingham. For  further  details  call  Dave  Green at HA 5-4197.

Solving the problems…

September 26, 2013 by davideclayton1

Everyone has a problem and unfortunately, everyone also has a solution, which creates the biggest problem of all… nobody getting their solution applied to a problem. When we have major problems, whether nearly impassable roads or a lake filling with the same chert we apply to those roads in a feeble attempt to solve that problem, we only make matters temporarily better but worse and worse in the long run.

Ask the residents on the dirt roads what to do, apply expensive band-aids time after time, each only a temporary solution and they want that done. Ask them to be patient while we decide how to stop this problem, once and for all, and we get anything but support.

As I’ve said at meetings, every single problem Pinedale has could be solved IF we just had enough money. When we ask for a “dues” increase, we’re voted down with criticism that we’re stealing, misapplying or wasting the money they’ve already given us.  Agreed that in the past that may have been true. But new systems have been put into place by people just like you who were also ripped off by greed, ignorance or outright theft. We have a real accountant now. We hold open meetings where our financial reports are examined by people you elected to oversee those things.  We have bonds on those who have access to your money so IF something fishy is detected with your funds, not only can prosecution be brought but also a claim can be made to return those funds to you.

Anyone using “They’re all a bunch of thieves” as an excuse not to contribute effort or not to pay their “dues” is either misinformed or making an excuse to suit their own purposes, not those of their community.

But how to solve the money problem? How to solve the roads, lake and other problems?

First of all, lots of work is being done to add a few By Laws. We need rules to help us prevent some of these problems. We hope you’ll support that effort. The second thing we intend to do is stop referring to “dues” as dues. These are and always have been maintenance fees. Their sole purpose of being collected was so common areas, the lake, the roads, the office, the Civic Center, the beach, the ball field, Lollipop Island would have the funds to be maintained… making everyone’s property values go up, not down.